Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

You know what it’s like – a couple finally having a child after years and years – it’s party time, right? Now, if that couple is the king and queen, then it’s got to be mega-party time at the palace, celebrating the arrival of this new baby - Princess Aurora. And why not?

Everybody you could imagine in a fairy-tale kingdom was there, and the fairies had all gathered to bestow their gifts on the new baby.

Well, all except one. The wicked Malificent hadn’t been invited. Why? Because the job of delivering invitations had ben given to the kings Jester, and, as usual, he’d made a hash of things, and forgotten the one person who would never forgive him. Furious, she gatecrashed the party and said ‘Here’s my present. On her 16th birthday, The princess Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel, and die’.

Well, that was a bit of a conversation stopper, as you could imagine. The other fairies tried unsuccessfully to overturn the spell, but only managed to reduce the outcome to a deep sleep, which would last for a hundred years, or until love’s first kiss broke the spell, whichever came first.

The King and Queen were distraught. They took every precaution possible – they used bodyguards, CCTV, the armed forces, set up a neighbourhood watch, even brought in the heavy mob from the W.I. They sent Princess Aurora to live in a safe house with Dame Dropalot, under an assumed name. The King, meanwhile had destroyed every spinning wheel he could find.
But would it be enough to defeat the wicked Malificent? - There’s only one way for you to find out!

It’s a gripping, traditional tale of romance, comedy, and good versus evil, brought right up to date with music, dancing, some unexpected twists in the story, and lots and lots of audience participation.

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